About Our Subsidiary Companies

    Established in 2013, is an investor company based in Fiji with a mighty vision of becoming the solution provider of the 21st century. Similar to water droplets that gather momentum as they flow into the vast oceans, we began our journey as a Dell distributor, selling computer and peripherals on both a wholesale and retail platform.

    Lanka Services is a trading and logistics company supporting export business from Australia to the Pacific Region.

    Top Jobs Fiji is a procurement website that helps to identify potential candidates for available positions throughout Fiji. The company has a mighty vision of expanding itself to other emerging economies in the region. We provide local business with an exceptional tool that allows them to advertise and promote Opportunities and source high quality candidates globally.

    Helping Hands, a web based platform that has been launched with the intention of providing services to the emerging economies in the pacific and the South East Asian regions.

    The business model is based around a shared economy that aims to link together talented and skilled resources to our end user. Our clients are able to select the type of service available for outsourcing, to which trades registered in the local area have the opportunity to pitch quotes or ideas in the form of an expression of interest or request for tender.

    This enables our clients to weigh up trade candidates based on their specific requirement criteria, enabling them to select candidates based on previous experience, their financial and resource capacity, and the most competitive price.